What Gives?

The choice made a priori to this blog being here was ‘write to get the thoughts out or risk losing them forever’. With prompting from some peer advisers, a free anywhere-available resource and fungible time, this blog was born.

Know going in that no apologies are made for grammar, readability, the lack of appropriate corroboration or citations and so forth. It is not for literati or faint-hearted. It is not sugar coated. It is raw and it often stinks.

But as these musings are authentic snapshots of Experience, they provide opportunities to mine insights into ourselves, our journeys and our times from these captured past moments.

These connections mature us individually, collectively and culturally, empowering agency with an expanded range of knowledge and capabilities, with which we may Invent The Future.

This content is valuable to me in this way. As such, I will go back and enhance each periodically where time and circumstances warrant and expect this blog to evolve over time with no plan guiding it.

This blog is a bog.

It is primordial.

Wade in and get dirty.

Viable Life may or may not emerge…


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